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Boxed Wines

Boxed wines are the perfect eco-friendly choice. All of our boxed wines are either organic, or sustainably grown. Buying wine this way not only saves on waste, but typically knocks about 15% off the bottle price too!

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Cantine Povero Dolcetto 3 Litre Box

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This is really very good indeed, an instant hit! Incredibly well balanced.  Full bodied but so, so easy to drink.  Its kind of a bit Pinot Noiry but fuller, more voluptuous.  Quaffable. This box is equivalent to 4 bottles and will stay fresh for a month after opening.


Zensa Organic Primitivo 3 Litre Box

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The hugely popular Zensa Primitivo, now even better value, and with less packaging.  This wine is just so easy to drink!  Flavours of cherries, chocolate and rich fruit on the finish.  Full-bodied but silky soft and delicious.  


Cantine Povero Cordiale Bianco 5 Litre Box

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An enormous box of a brilliant white wine from Cantine Povero.  This is equivalent to over six and a half bottles, but it will stay fresh for a month after opening (if you can keep it that long).  All grown on an eco-friendly estate in Piedmont, this dry cortese is incredible value for money.  

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