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Echeverria No Es Pituko Viognier

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Echeverria is a winery in Chile’s oldest wine regions, Curicó Valley. With a view for sustainability, the vines are even irrigated by the melting snow off the Andes Mountains.  Winemaker Roberto Echeverría Jr is inspired by his French heritage and so focuses on producing wines from French varietals in his own style of blending New World innovation with Old World elegance.  The 80 year old cellar also houses a museum which holds many relics of winemaking including a French grape press from the 1930’s.

‘No es Pituko’ is Chilean slang for ‘it ain’t fancy’ reflecting the fact that this wine was vinified naturally, without any additions at any stage.  Vibrant aromas of peach and tropical fruits are layered with buttery notes and balanced by a refreshing natural acidity.


A Los Vinateros Bravos Pais

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Leonardo Erazo is a rare talent.  In the ancient vineyards in the Itata Valley, Leonardo uses the knowledge of local farmers that have been naturally farming the region for centuries, biodynamic principles and minimal intervention in both vineyard and cellar.  

Ancient vines grown on volcanic soils, which impart a very distinctive mineral character and aromas of cinder and ash.  Soft red and dark fruits with an earthy, herbal touch.  A light and juicy wine with a freshness that is joined by fine tannins.  Add some class to your ‘bangers and mash’ by drinking this with it.

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