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Blank Bottle Little William


Another great wine from Blank Bottle Winery with another great story behind it.  This is made from ungrafted shiraz grapes from a quite unusual part of the Western Cape.  Very high altitude vines, Pieter himself, claims this shiraz is more elegant and fine, more like Pinot Noir which is why he’s bottled it in this tall, slim bottle.  From a tiny vineyard, only 600 bottles of this vintage were produced.  The name and label comes from a time when he was driving back from the vineyard, on the phone to his wife and just around a blind corner, he spots something in the middle of the road.  Slamming on the brakes, he finds it is a little boy in just a white nappy stood on the white line on the road.  He ends up walking over a bridge with this little boy to a farmhouse where a woman comes out screaming ‘William’, mother and son reunited, good deed done!  A few years later, he’s in hospital with his son and somehow gets chatting to a woman who ends up being the sister in law to the mother of ‘Little William’. 

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