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Etyeki Kuria Zenit


Wonderful flavours of white flowers, salted lemon, honey, apple, pineapple.  A really beautiful wine, and something a bit different.

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The Etyeki Kúria Winery was founded on the Öreghegy (meaning Old Hill) of Etyek in 1996. They were the first in the wine region to plant Pinot noir vines to make red wine.  Head winemaker, Sándor Mérész, joined ten years ago.  Since then, he has been shaping the unique style of their wines, aligning local experiences with the latest research findings and his own international approach. In recognition of his professional work, Sándor has been one of the fifty nominees for the “Winemakers’ Winemaker” award in Hungary every year since 2013.


Etyeki Mansion are committed to reducing their environmental footprint, so use sustainable solutions in as many areas as possible.

Conscious architecture | A modern winery was partly built underground.  This design allows them to use gravity in several steps of winemaking.  It also provides natural insulation, reducing energy consumption.

Solar energy | Solar panels on several winery buildings cover one-third of the annual energy needs.

Green cover and biodiversity | A special seed mixture developed by the Ecological Agricultural Research Institute (ÖMKi) is planted amongst the vineyards, which not only supports the continuous fight against soil erosion, but also contributes to the achievement of a greater degree of biodiversity and a healthy soil structure.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly | In the case of clarification, only vegetable protein (peas) and bentonite are used, no preparations of animal origin are used.

Lightweight bottles | The lightest possible bottles are used, in order to reduce the environmental impact of shipping.

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