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Quinta da Raza Vinhão


Quinta Da Raza is perfectly located in the interior of the Minho region, benefitting from great sun exposure but gets some moderating influence from the Tamega River.  Preserving traditional wine making techniques as well as promoting biodiversity and natural balance.

A red Vinho Verde, with a slight effervesence – something a bit different. Vinhão provides super deep colour, and a very fresh and lively character to the wild fruits flavours of the wine.  Pair with meatier, inland cuisine such as pork casseroles and chorizo based dishes.

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This is southern Vinho Verde, not too far from the lower reaches of the Douro, and in sheltered uplands at around 250m, with distinct soils. Their classic Vinho Verde is utterly delicious, with fruit quality shining through, whilst varietal offerings are denser, but still with freshness and lightness of touch.

Arinto (once called Pederna here) seems to be especially successful, either bottled varietally, or contributing to blend.  There is an excellent small, modern winery at Raza now, but the red is still made by treading in the micro-lagares at the back of old, and rather grand, house built by previous generations.

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