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Afon Mêl Honey Mead

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Using a traditional recipe and modern brewing techniques, this small batch mead is fermented at ambient temperatures during the summer months before maturing in casks.  The process takes at least two years, giving a smooth, mature, full bodied flavour.  Made using honey and water and nothing else.


Afon Mêl Heather Mead

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The traditional ageing of Afon Mêl meads is characterised by the long time spent in barrels and bottle before sale and as a result, they have developed a wonderful variety of flavours and styles, all driven by the taste of honey.

Boldly floral on the nose with notes of caramel and a long finish. A perfect accompaniment to a cheese board. Awarded a 3-star Great Taste award, this Heather mead is the only mead to have ever won the Golden Fork Award.

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