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Pet Nat

Pet Nat is short for Petillant Naturel, an ancient method of making naturally sparkling wine. These are wines that are bottled before fermentation is complete and without the addition of sugars or yeasts. The bubbles tend to be smaller and finer, and unlike most sparkling wines, Pet Nats can be made with any unusual mix of grapes the winemaker chooses.

As they are naturally made, each bottle can vary slightly in flavour. There is a huge variety to discover.

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Bodegas Gratias Comboi, Vino Ancestral

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“Comboi”, is a local Valencian expression used when a group of people come together to have a good time, full of enthusiasm and joy, a bit like the wine! This is a Pet Nat lightly sparkling wine created “metodo ancestral” from 100% Tardana grapes. Beautiful and refreshing, with delicate bubbles and fresh fruity aromas.  As natural as wine can get, with minute sulphur additions, if any.

The Comboi wines are cultivated, produced and sold with the utmost respect, honesty, happiness and hope of all those who work with them. The Comboi project is all about the respect for the local environment.  This old Tardana vineyard supports 70 year old vines tended using organic and sustainable viticulture methods.

Serve cold in an ice bucket! Really fresh in the mouth, this is perfect as an aperitif but work well with seafood, paella and creamy pasta dishes.


Raza Pet Nat

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Quinta Da Raza is perfectly located in the interior of the Minho region, benefitting from great sun exposure but gets some moderating influence from the Tamega River.  Preserving traditional wine making techniques as well as promoting biodiversity and natural balance.

A wonderful expression of this single variety.  A refreshing slightly fizzy wine with lots of bright citrus fruit and floral aromatics.  Bready lees notes give texture and weight, balanced by minerality.  Natural sediment adds complexity but also makes the wine slightly cloudy.


Testalonga I Wish I Was A Ninja Pet Nat

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Craig Hawkins is a young winemaker based in the Swartland, South Africa, where he rents about 11ha of vineyard. Having travelled extensively throughout Europe, and then worked as wine maker for Lammershoek, he now makes a huge variety of different wines under his own Testalonga label.

With its super bright acidity and lime, pear & pineapple aromas, this is the perfect spring/summer afternoon tipple.


Davenport Pet Nat

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Davenport Winery started in 1991 when Will Davenport planted 5 acres of vines at Horsmonden in Kent.  Always a supporter of organic farming practices, the winery was one of the first in England to be certified fully organic in 2000. 

A purely natural wine, fermented by natural yeasts with no added sulphites. It is a light, refreshing with apple and elderflower aromas, and melon and cider-like flavours.  A slightly cloudy sparkling wine and is absolutely the perfect summer drink. 

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