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Cote du Danube Viognier

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Chateau Burgozone is a family boutique winery in Bulgaria started in 2000.  Located on the banks of the Danube River, the winery get its name from the Roman fortress built on the Roman road Via Istrum.  Planting both local and international varietes, their philosophy is that the quality of the wines is created in the vineyards.  

Classic Viognier flavours of peach and apricot with floral notes.  Great balance and texture that pairs wonderfully with spicy fish curry.



Soli Pinot Noir

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Savoury crunch, plush cherry-red softness, spiked with wild strawberry and red cherry notes, orange rind, and sandalwood-clove hints. The tannins are soft and with a fine backbone of acidity too. Bright and brilliant. 

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