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Gitana Winery Rara Neagra

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Gitana Vineyards are located in the area of two villages in Leova district, being divided into three areas. One area is in Filipeni village and the other two in Romanovca village. These areas are favourable for vine growing, meeting all soil and weather conditions required to produce high quality wine.

Rara Neagra is an ancient grape variety with aromas of fresh red berries, an intense and complex palate with dried fruits on the finish.


Gitana Winery Saperavi

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Ageing in clay amphora leaves mineral aromas alongside red fruits and creamy notes on the palate.


Gitana Winery Lupi

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Intense nose of mixed berries and vanilla with hints of chocolate.  A robust, well-balanced wine, powerful tannins that amplify its elegance of black fruit, ripe plum and cassis flavours.  Can drink now with grilled meats, aged cheeses or dark chocolate and a cigar or will age for a long time.


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