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Henry De Querville Calvados

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The Deschamps family distillery is situated in the heart of the Pays d’Auge region on a 150 hectare estate, of which two thirds are planted with small, bitter sweet apples which are perfect for making Calvados.  This is a rich, perfumed Calvados with nutty, toffee-like aromas.  Stewed fruits, sandalwood and peppermint with a sweet and spicy finish.


Calvados Berneroy Fine

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Calvados Berneroy Fine is the youngest calvados in the Berneroy range, bursting with fresh apple flavours and aromas. A lively apple character on the palate, hearty and warming. Serve straight up, on the rocks or in a variety of cocktails.


Dupont Calvados Hors d’Age

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Aged for between 10 and 12 years in Loire valley oak casks, Domaine Dupont themselves recommend this as a good spirit for pairing with dark chocolate cake.

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